Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012
I've promised myself that this coming year I'm going to remember to capture my own family too. So often we have not taken pictures on days out because I didn't want to bring the expensive camera, or the light wasn't right or whatever the excuse might be. My new year's resolution this year is to follow the saying: "don't let perfection stand in the way of good enough." I used a point & shoot camera, a lot of the images are blurred, the colour isn't spot on ... they are snap-shots. But I need to remember to take more like these because no matter their imperfection they really couldn't be more perfect to me at this moment in time. We had such a wonderful Christmas and I'm so grateful to have such fun images to remember them by. Maia was one big smile the entire time and showed such joy and gratitude over each present she opened. I'm so happy I have a lot of her funny and excited expressions to look back on. At age 6 Christmas probably doesn't get much more magical, I certainly felt that this year was very special to her. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and wish you all a very happy 2013. Oh and yes that is a make-up set for a 6-year-old, ha ha. She loves to dress up! (hence the very cool, pink glove she insisted on wearing all of Christmas :-)

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